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Plot Generator v2

Plot Generator v2

Creates a plot for your story

Didn't come up with a plot for your story? No worries, the Plot Generator v2 does it for you! The Plot Generator v2 generates completely random 3-6 adjectives, the main character and its description, an important part as well as the main venue. You can use the generator as many times as you want.


This is not the original Plot Generator. You can find the original Plot Generator here. I wanted to try coding my own Plot Generator, but still a similar one. This is why "v2" has been added to the generator's name.

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The Plot Generator currently knows a total of:

And there will be more and more of them all!

Therefore, there are __________ different plots.

Suggest parts of a story

Would you like parts of the story you came up with to be added to the Plot Generator's vocabulary? If you want, suggest them here. The Plot Generator really likes to learn new words and phrases! You can suggest as many words and as many times as you want.

Report parts of a story

If a word or phrase was generated in your plot that is not appropriate for children, report it here. Let's try to keep the Plot Generator child-friendly! You can report as many times as needed.

Give feedback

Would you like to give feedback of the Plot Generator? Send an email to the Plot Generator's developer from this link.

Suggested parts

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Add your own story

Do you have a finished story which plot is made by the Plot Generator? If you have and if you want, you can add it to the Plot Generator's Story page, which can be found here.